Lunch Mon–Fri, 10:30am–2pm

You may book a table here.

Monday, October 26
Parmesan chicken L, G
Pepper salami casserole L, G

Tuesday, October 27
Bistro’s meatballs and dark pepper sauce L, G
Beetroot mascarpone soup L, G

Wednesday, October 28
Oven-baked salmon L, G
Mushroom & potato casserole VE

Thursday, October 29
Lasagne L
Fresh pea soup with cider and chervil foam L, G

Friday, October 30
Tacobuffet Caribbean style

Lunch costs € 11.50,
salad lunch € 8.90.

Eat well at Tower Bistro

Eat a varied lunch buffet or treat yourself to a business lunch!

We reserve the right to change the day’s lunch. The chef gets ideas and usually adds some surprises to the buffet.

We value healthiness and nutrition in our cooking. We utilize Finnish, clean raw materials. We are inspired by the surrounding coastal nature, and gather its food. Our knowledgeable team makes many delicacies themselves from start to finish.

If you want, you can book a table in advance, and with a larger party, it is highly recommended. Book a table no later than four hours in advance. (For business lunches, groups should always book a table in advance, no later than 3pm the day before.)