Lunch Mon–Fri, 10:30am–2pm

Monday, Jun 20
Sausage assortment & caramelized onions L, G
Spring cabbage pot L, G

Tuesday, Jun 21
Chicken in béarnaise sauce L, G
Jeera potato wedges L, G
Saint Agur cheese dip L, G
Fennel and parmesan soup L, G

Wednesday, Jun 22
Pork tenderloin from charcoal grill L, G
Roasted paprika sauce L, G
Sweet potatoes L, G

Thursday, Jun 23
Asian BBQ pulled pork L, G
Roasted spring onion potatoes L, G
Red curry chicken soup L, G

Friday, Jun 24
The bistro will be on summer vacation until the end of July

Lunch costs € 12.50,
salad lunch € 9.90.
You may book a table.

Eat well in Tower Bistro

Eat a varied lunch buffet or treat yourself to a business lunch!

We reserve the right to change the day’s lunch.